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古 武 道

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The  Kobudo Kobujutsu has as meaning the art or the skill with the ancient arts. It is one of the terms used in Japan to refer to traditional martial arts and the use of weapons . The Kobudo Shin Do Goshin Kai , used in Japan, is the result of labor  intense and experience of its founder, sensei José Miranda  and has practitioners in different parts of the world. In the bosom of our dojo  We work on different disciplines originating from those ancient methods with weapons, organizing a differentiated study program in which we find the study of: Yawara , palo d'un shaku,  15 cm. both daggers and short blades . Kobo, short stick, from a shaku , 30 cm. Tanjo, medium stick of three shaku , 90 cm with its variant in the form of  fork.  Jo , 4 shaku stick  Approximately 1.20 cm La Nawa , study of ties. The Boken, or wooden sword, and the Tonfa, a weapon of agricultural origin, the forerunner of the police baton.


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